Thai Tapas and Cocktails at mahaniyom in Brookline Village

It was a rainy day, but we wanted to take advantage of the few free hours we had – we were able to drop the kiddo off with my mom while we went for a quick bite at mahaniyom, a Thai tapas bar that had been on the Mister’s radar for quite some time and just so happened to appear in my instagram feed courtesy of a former colleague whose opinion I regard highly.

With the stars aligning, it was time to go.

Because we went during that weird hour in the middle of the end of lunch service and right before dinner service began, there was no wait which was great because the space is pretty cozy. And because we’re still in pandemic times, I really appreciated the amount of space we had from other tables.

It took a few minutes more than usual to place our order because we couldn’t decide – there were so many dishes we wanted to try and the drink menu was filled with so many interesting cocktails, liquors and beers.

For drinks, I waffled between a Thai tea infused rum and the chrysanthemum infused gin – the chrysanthemum won out. The Mister chose the Thailand Special not knowing what to expect.

For the food, we chose the spare ribs, fried chicken skin, crab curry and grilled pork jowls.

Chrysanthemum Infused Nikka Coffey Gin / Fever Tree Tonic. I have never come across any cocktail featuring chrysanthemum and so I had to try it. It is simply amazing. The chrysanthemum really shines through and I could barely taste the alcohol, which is probably makes this a very dangerous drink.

The Thailand Special (Ya-Dong).The Mister didn’t know what to expect when he ordered this. When the waiter brought it out on the plate with that glass served with pickled mango and pandan water, it was quite the presentation – so much so, that the couple sitting next to us also ordered it. The waiter explained that it’s a drink to be sipped – not taken like a shot – and to follow it with the pandan water and a bit of the pickled mango to snack on. Without the pandan water, the drink reminded me of bourbon. The pandan water definitely helped to smooth and mellow out the drink.

grilled pork jowls

Kang Puu: A crab curry served with vermicelli noodles was one of our favorites. The noodles were served on the side to keep them from sogging up too much from the curry. The sweetness from the crab combined with the sweetness from the curry just made this a very delicate dish packed with so much flavor. I wish they offered more vermicelli.

Kang Kua Kradook Moo: A housemade southern style Thai chili paste pork ribs. So, had we not ordered the pork jowls, this would’ve been amazing. We weren’t able to fully appreciate this until the next day when we reheated it for lunch. On its own, the thai chili paste really came through and the meat was so tender – chef’s kiss.

Nang Kai Tod: A crispy chicken skin. There was also a fried chicken dish available, but because I wanted to save our stomach real estate for other things, I thought we might as well just have the best part of a fried chicken – the skin. Also, if you’re on keto, then it’s the perfect dish. We ended up dipping the chicken skin into the crab curry and a thousand times yes.

Kor Moo Yang: A grilled pork jowl that the waiter highly recommended. Who were we to say no? It did not disappoint and ended up being our favorite of the entire meal.

Unfortunately, there was no dessert to be had on that particular day, but that just gives us even more reason to return. It truly was an amazing and delicious meal with cocktails that I can’t get out of my mind.

located at 236 Washington Street, Brookline MA 02445

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